The Cordobès Hat – An old traditional hat meets the latest Haute Couture

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The Cordobès Hat is a round, stiff felt hat which hails from the Cordoba in Spain. While originally it was popularised by workers for the shade provided by its stiff wide brim, it has very much infused itself into the traditional culture of Spain.

The Cordobès Hat in the elegant equestrian arts

Today it is an icon in many great Spanish Artforms – Flamenco, Bull fighting, Equestrian Arts and other traditional festivals in Southern Spain. The Hat has become an integral part of the pageantry and spectacle. Dancers use the Hat as a focal point in many routines and the Hat regularly appears in costumes and celebrations.

Flamenco Dancer performing with Cordobès Hat at Cafe de Chinitas in Edie Hats

21st Century fashion has finally recognised the defined aesthetic of The Cordobès Hat. Chanel is the latest couture label to celebrate its unique character. It is the rigid structure that creates a striking image that is both strong and romantic.

Chanel's S/S 2010 Campaign celebrating the alluring Cordobès Hat

The Cordobés Hat

The Cordobés Hat is traditionally made in Córdoba, Spain. It has been worn throughout the southern province of Andalucía since the seventeenth century.

In Andalucía it is known simply as the wide brimmed hat.  It is made of wool, with a wide flat brim, and a low cylindrical crown. While there is no standard measurements, the crown can vary in height from 10 to 12 cm, and the brim from 8 to 12 cm. The most popular color is black, but others such as red, pearl grey, green, marine blue, brown, beige, tobacco, and ivory are also often worn.

The Feria, in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
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